What to Know About Commercial Foundation Repair

Commercial foundation issues are important to address as soon as you suspect something is wrong. A strong foundation is integral to the safety and stability of the commercial building it supports. Here you will learn about the causes of foundation damage, how to spot damage, and how the foundation can be repaired.

Commercial Foundation Damage

Commercial foundations are susceptible to damage because they bear the weight of heavy buildings, but there are other causes of damage. One common cause of foundation issues is related to the soil. Foundation shifting and settling can be caused by improperly compacted fill soils as well as over saturated or dehydrated soil.

Tree roots can also play a part in damaging the foundation. The roots can dehydrate the soil or push against the soil causing damage to the foundation. As soil shifts, expands, and contracts, the foundation shifts along with it. It’s not something you’re likely to notice immediately, but over time this movement can lead to uneven floors, leaning walls, and cracks in the foundation, walls, or ceilings.

Other causes of commercial foundation damage include: poor water drainage, poor construction of the commercial foundation, plumbing leaks, and landslides. More signs of foundation damage to look out for include doors and windows that stick, exterior cracks on the building, separations (such as where two walls meet), and plumbing issues within the commercial building.

How to Protect a Commercial Foundation

One way to protect a commercial foundation is to make sure water drainage is adequate. Any gutter downspouts should drain far away from the building. Keeping water away from the foundation and soil around it can do a lot to help keep the foundation from shifting. If your building has any plumbing leaks, have them taken care of to prevent moisture damage to the foundation. Unfortunately, you can’t prevent shifting soil, extreme weather changes, and poor construction of the foundation except to repair and reinforce and luckily there are experts who can help.

How Can You Repair Commercial Foundation Damage?

When you suspect commercial foundation damage, you want to contact a professional to check it out. Structural engineers can determine what needs to be done to repair the foundation and stabilize walls if needed. If damage of the commercial foundation is ignored or left too long, it can lead to foundation failure. Foundation failure creates safety issues with your building and will lead to more expensive and time-consuming repairs that may require your business to shut down for a time. To repair a commercial foundation, one or more of the following may be used by a foundation specialist: wall anchoring products, crawl space jacks, push pier systems, or helical piers. Helical piers can be used where access to the area is limited. They can act as a replacement for drilled (driven) piles and are a good solution for a site where surface soil is weak. Push piers can lift and stabilize a foundation that is compromised.

If you suspect the foundation of your business is damaged, it’s important to get it evaluated and repaired as soon as possible to avoid further damage and expense. Contact us for more information!