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Helical Pier Repairs

Helical Pier Foundation Repairs near San Antonio & Austin TX

In many instances of buildings facing foundation problems, the soil around a home or business has shifted and the property ends up leaning to one side or has cracked walls and floors. Unfortunately, if not addressed and corrected over time these problems will just get worse. The expert team at Foundation Support Specialists employs different methods to address foundation problems, one of them being helical pier installation.

The Use Of Helical Piers As A Stable Solution

Helical piers are long steel rods shaped almost like a large screw. They are inserted into the soil using a hydraulic drill in order to reach deeper levels of stable ground. Once inserted, they spread the weight of the structure above across several points, taking the weight of the building onto the piers instead of the foundation.

There are many benefits to using our helical piers and piles in San Antonio to bolster a foundation’s stability. FSS often turns to helical piers as a solution because of their:

Quickness - Helical piers can be placed in the ground quickly and the load transfer is immediate, providing a quick solution to foundation concerns.

Effectiveness - The way helical piers work has been proven to adequately support and correct foundation issues. Our foundation leveling team in San Antonio uses Earth Contact Products and Titan Products, ensuring top quality piers and parts from the ground up.

Flexibility - Helical piers can be added or taken away and moved to a different location with relative ease. They also can be used for a variety of different types of structures and in different ways, such as at an angle. 

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Expert Use of Helical Piers By FSS

While helical pier installation is a quicker way to stabilize a foundation, the work requires precise skills and knowledge in order to be effective. Each property is unique and faces a number of different challenges that should all be considered and analyzed before putting anything into the ground. The installation process must be done with incredible accuracy in order to avoid excessive vibrations that can harm a fragile foundation even more. Also, highest quality products should be used. Hydraulic drills, spreader beams, steel pipes and brackets should be of the highest quality to ensure a strong lasting solution.

The highly experienced technicians at Foundation Support Specialists have worked with helical piers for many years in the San Antonio and Austin, TX areas. We will perform a thorough assessment of the structure to determine the condition of the foundation, the weight of the building and any leaning issues, along with many other variables to determine the best helical pier solution for your unique situation. Our work is done with accuracy and precision and is guaranteed to get your home or business stable once more.

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