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Foundation Settlement Challenge

foundation problems case study from San Antonio

Cleaning up a Non-Galvanized Mess


The foundation repair experts at Foundation Support Specialists were called out to a residential single-family home in San Antonio, TX that was showing significant signs of settlement of the slab foundation. The home had sticking doors and windows, an almost perceptible slant from the rear of the home and large, running cracks on the ceiling that had developed into the ceiling starting to pull away from the walls in some areas.

The solution was to drive 27 of our ECP manufactured galvanized steel piers (model 300) down to load bearing strata to permanently stabilize and level the slab foundation. However, when our crews began to dig holes for the piers around the home we found another foundation repair company had previously installed lower quality piers that had rusted through and snapped…causing the issues the FSS foundation specialists were brought in to fix…this time permanently.



Over in a “Snap”

During the process of hydraulically drilling our ECP galvanized steel brackets to the home, we discovered an older set of piers that had been installed by another foundation repair contractor. These piers appeared to be rusted, broken and sitting at an angle. After further investigation, the foundation experts at FSS uncovered the cause of this damage.

When the house had been leveled previously by another foundation repair company they had utilized regular steel piers…these piers were NOT galvanized and thus not resistant to the rust that had eaten through them. Once weakened by moisture in the ground and general outside elements, these inferior piers rusted through and snapped under the weight of the home causing a structurally dangerous problem for the homeowners.




The Solution

Foundation Support Specialists solved the issue for good by installing our American Made, galvanized steel piers manufactured by Earth Contact Products. These piers are attached to the slab by our foundation experts via galvanized steel brackets and pushed down to load-bearing strata.

What this means in layman’s terms is that the piers will not rust or deteriorate due to water, weather or movement and they are pushed down to a level which will permanently support the foundation. FSS foundation repair services provide a lifetime warranty on your slab foundation repair, which means if your home ever moves, for as long as you own it, we will be there to fix it. We truly offer:

American Made Stability…For Life!!!