How Time Affects Foundations

A Large Crack in a Wall.

Understanding Foundation Repair

Houses last for decades, if not hundreds of years. The longevity of a structure is a testament to how developed the construction industry has become. Builders use quality materials, tools, and techniques to make sure a home or commercial property stands the test of time. However, just because a house lasts over a century doesn’t mean it hasn’t gone through its fair share of maintenance and foundation repair. 

The longer a home or commercial structure lasts, the more likely it is that they’ve had quality service done on them multiple times. Getting your home or property the right care is vital to making it last longer. This rule certainly applies to foundation repair. Foundations separate homes and commercial buildings from the soil and support the structure’s weight. They keep everything stable and in place. When foundations give or get damaged, the entire property is under threat. Repairs need to be addressed soon to prevent further damage. 

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How to Spot Early Signs of Foundation Damage

Don’t make the mistake of neglecting your foundation. A lot of property owners don’t inspect their foundation, basement, and exterior walls near enough. Here are some easy to spot indications of foundation damage you can notice easily with a little attention. 

  • Small Cracks – Hairline cracks around the base of a home, surrounding concrete on the inside in the basement can indicate foundation damage. Even though the cracks appear small, they could mean there are larger cracks underneath the property. 
  • Cracked Walls – When foundations are damaged and their weight-bearing capability changes, the pressure of holding up the home or building shifts to walls. As a result, walls crack under the increased weight. Look for cracks along with basement or exterior walls for signs you need foundation repair. 
  • Recurring Water Leaks – Water leaks in homes and large buildings are relatively common. They could be a result of broken gutters, a leaking pipe or some other spill. However, any pooling water in basements or warehouse floors should be cause for concern. Additionally, if you discover that water has been running into the base of your property for an unknown amount of time, it’s smart to get your foundation checked. Water penetration can cause cracks and weaken foundations. Foundation repair services offer waterproofing services to help.

There are other signs of foundation repair, but some require a professional’s eye. Understand, though, that most foundations deal with the challenges of settling and shifting soil, moisture from rain and dirt rising into the foundation’s slabs and erosion from years of use. 

Prioritize Minor Foundation Repair to Avoid Significant Damage

Dealing with foundation damage as it occurs is the best way for home and commercial property owners to avoid large repair bills. A lot of people are inclined to put off minor repairs because they have other commitments demanding their time and attention. The worst thing that can happen, though, is a small issue turning into a major one. 

When hairline cracks appear or you spot a small crack in a basement wall, call a foundation repair service for a look. They’ll be able to inspect your property and assess the condition of your foundation. Technicians can work with you to help you understand what’s going on and what needs to be done to get your foundation back in good shape. Minor repairs typically don’t require a lot of time and money, so they present only a minor inconvenience for property owners.

Compare that with the inconvenience of major foundation damage. When foundations are significantly damaged, it makes a home or building unstable. That’s a nightmare for people living busy lives and business owners who need to provide a safe facility for employees and customers. Large repair jobs need more time and can cost a lot of money to complete. 

Partner with a Trusted Service Provider

Avoid significant cost and time loss by partnering with a great foundation repair service. The right company will act as an adviser with you and your property’s best interests in mind. They won’t recommend superfluous work just to make a buck. They’ll have already made their reputation on providing quality service and work. 

Good companies with trained technicians will be able to tell you when repairs are necessary and how much they’ll cost. They’ll help you avoid large repair bills by keeping your foundation well-maintained for the long haul.  

Foundation Support Specialists offers the best foundation repair solutions around San Antonio and Austin, TX. As a local company, we know how important it is to home and property owners in the area to keep foundations functional and in good shape. If you need foundation service, call us today at 210-267-8828 to hear how we can help. We’ll be happy to offer a free consultation to develop a plan that works for you.