Telecom Tower Foundation Repair

A Telecommunications Tower Against a Blue Sky.

Keep Towers Connected with Stable Foundations

Preventing deterioration of a telecom tower foundation must be a public infrastructure priority. Damage to telecom towers can impact our ability to transmit information and communicate. It can affect a business’s ability to operate and how cities and towns across Texas function. Telecom towers are massive structures that provide telecommunications access and transmission of data for thousands and millions of people. They’re usually quite tall to facilitate ease of transmission. At high heights, however, strong winds apply large amounts of pressure on the towers. As the tower shifts and bends under strong winds, telecom tower foundations have to provide strong support. Otherwise, the tower can shift and its ability to function properly can be limited or lost. Telecom tower foundation repair in San Antonio and Austin, TX requires professional and prompt attention. For assistance contact 210-267-8828 to schedule an inspection.

Telecom Tower Foundations Must Be Able to Withstand Heavy Loads

Telecom towers are large structures that weigh a great deal. Their foundations need to be built to support their weight for the lifespan of the tower. Additionally, foundations need to be able to withstand large shifts in weight and pressure due to wind force. For years, repeated heavy shifts in load from wind can cause hairline cracks in concrete foundations. Hairline cracks can grow and threaten the structural integrity of your telecom tower foundation in San Antonio and Austin, TX.

Expert Inspection and Repair Services

Get the repair and reinforcement necessary to protect the telecom infrastructure. Telecom towers are extremely expensive. Everything should be done to keep a foundation in perfect shape to extend a tower’s lifespan. Foundation Support Specialists works with San Antonio and Austin, TX telecommunications companies and municipal governments to protect the area’s telecom infrastructure. We regularly conduct inspections on telecom tower foundations to spot early warning signs. It’s vital to recognize the early formation of cracks and erosion in foundations.Foundation Support Specialists is dedicated to keeping every telecom tower foundation in San Antonio and Austin, TX functional by keeping foundations sound and in great shape. Our team knows how to account for large weight shifts in a variety of foundations due to wind force, and can keep the telecom tower transmitting optimally for years. You can also trust the materials we use for repairs to be extremely durable, because we rely on supplies from leading manufacturers like Earth Contact Products. Contact our team today at 210-267-8828 to speak with us about scheduling a telecom tower inspection or repair.