Solar Panel Foundation Repair

A Solar Panel in a Field.

Protect Your Investment with Effective Repairs

Solar panel foundation repair and maintenance is critical to keeping power supplies intact and operational. Companies spend a lot of money developing solar panel sites, and how the panels are positioned is very important. Even slight shifts in foundations can affect solar panels’ ability to harvest sunlight and convert it into usable energy. Failure to operate efficiently means lost money for the solar panels’ operator and lower energy supply for customers and facilities that rely on the systems. At Foundation Support Specialists, our teams have extensive experience providing solar panel foundation repair in San Antonio and Austin, TX. We can handle small and large issues that affect the way solar panels function. If you need assistance with any repairs, contact us at 210-267-8828 today.

Causes of Solar Panel Foundation Damage

Solar panels are generally built in places where they’ll get extended access to direct sunlight. After all, the more sunlight that shines onto solar panels, the greater the amount of electricity that can be generated. This means solar panels, and their foundations, sit under direct sunlight for hours each day. Over time, direct sunlight can heat and dry cement foundations and possibly lead to the development of cracks.

Water can also hurt solar panel foundations. Often, solar panel fields have little in the way of irrigation or roofing systems to protect from rainfall. As a result, solar panels and their foundations are exposed to rainfall that threatens to penetrate and erode cement. There are also other reasons why foundations need repair. Earthquakes, hail, vandalism, and shoddy work quality can all impact the foundation’s lifespan.

Protect Your Investment with Professional Repair

Quality solar panel foundation repair and maintenance in San Antonio and Austin, TX protects your investment. Individuals and businesses spend a lot of money on solar panels, hoping they can rely on them for clean, sustainable energy. Don’t let damage to the foundation affect your ability to use solar as a power source for your home, business, or municipality. Foundation Support Specialists is dedicated to keeping your solar panel foundations sound and secure. You can trust us for high-quality service using materials sourced from leading manufacturers like Earth Contact Products. Contact us to hear how we can help solve your solar panel foundation issues at 210-267-8828.