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Pier and beam foundation repair is different than concrete foundations in that they have unique issues and methods of repair. Some homes prefer pier and beam foundations because they allow for larger crawl spaces. The additional space helps house plumbing systems and HVAC vents and systems. Modern homes also love pier and beam foundations because maintenance or repair is often easier and less expensive than when dealing with concrete foundations. Foundation Support Specialists has helped homes for years with pier and beam foundation repair in San Antonio and Austin, TX. If you have a pier and beam foundation that needs attention, call our team today at 210-267-8828!

Common Issues with Pier and Beam Foundations

Just like any type of foundation, pier and beam foundations need regular maintenance and occasional repair. There a few common issues that homeowners typically deal with when they have this type of foundation. A lot of homes have pier and beam foundations built out of cedar. Cedar is a durable wood that works great in construction, but they limit the footing area of a foundation. This means there is less stability and more pressure placed on the foundation from the structural weight. The weight can cause damage over the years of wear and tear. Years of pressure and soil compression are the main reasons older pier and beam homes often have a sunken appearance and need pier and beam foundation repair in San Antonio and Austin, TX.

Soil Composition

Changes in soil temperatures affect pier and beam foundations. When the climate changes, soil can generate moisture that seeps into pier and beam houses. This threatens wooden beams and any cement slabs in the area. Moisture can also trigger rot and mold growth. When moisture levels are high, the soil expands, increasing pressure on foundations. When the pressure gets too high it can move sections of flooring in the basement and crack walls and Sheetrock. Give us a call at 210-267-8828 to make an appointment.

Repairs for Pier and Beam Foundations

Addressing moisture issues in pier and beam foundations is one of the priorities of Foundation Support Specialists. Ensuring a foundation has proper drainage in its crawl spaces can help remove water and prevent damage to plumbing, appliances, and beams. Shoring is the process whereby wooden beams are inserted into the foundation to increase the weight-bearing capability of a foundation. Cracks forming along walls around the foundation or basement are a sign that shoring needs to happen. In shoring, more timer piers are attached to the existing foundation that transfers weight. It’s generally a temporary fix for homes dealing with unstable foundations.

If shoring doesn’t provide enough foundation support, then Foundation Support Specialists technicians often recommend installing sonotubes. Sonotubes are hollow concrete forms that are installed around rebar in the footing area. Once in place, they are filled with concrete and left to sit. Foundation Support Specialists has years of expertise dealing with pier and beam foundation repair in San Antonio and Austin, TX. Our teams have the tools and experience to extend the lifespan of foundations and provide the maintenance necessary to keep homes in good shape. We ensure quality by sourcing many of our supplies and materials from Earth Contact Products, a leading manufacturer of foundation repair products. If your pier and beam foundation needs some attention, call us today at 210-267-8828 for a free consultation and repairs.

Robert Torres Jr
We had a pretty standard pier & beam project completed today.  Nothing special or difficult about this house.  Every house is unique and we are always grateful to come across a project that is straight forward.  We installed 27 concrete posts and lifted the house about 2 inches to flatten out the structure.  Mrs. Williams can get back to enjoying her home and not stressing about the foundation.
Robert Torres Jr
We're wrapping up a project today on a two story pier and beam house. It was already sinking to four inches from its original elevation. After excavating 6 inches of dirt under the house, we installed 21 steel crawl space jacks and 24 reinforced concrete posts. We were able to stabalize their foundation and lift the house 2 inches. With a busted pipe repaired and new skirting around the house, we are proud to have helped another FSS customer!
Jose Morales
This project for the Valdez family definitely brought more challenges than usual, but Jeremy's crew and Jose were ready to adapt to any obstacle. The concrete of the home's foundation was poured with the the driveway attached. This puts additional weight on the 15 steel piers installed to re-elevate the house. To combat this, we injected Poly Pro X under the driveway to make it level with the lift of the house preventing future damage and taking the extra weight off the piers. We also had to tunnel under a flower bed to install some of the piers. Well done to the crews involved for their amazing work and making another satisfied FSS customer!
David Gomez Sr
Our teams just finished projects for Kids Are First Head Start locations in Carrizo Springs, Eagle Pass, and Pearsall.  We installed hundreds of feet of new beam, our crawlspace jacks, and concrete posts throughout the projects.  With their facilities repaired Kids Are First Head Start can continue providing their services to those communities.
Brian Holt
FSS is finishing up a complete foundation replacement for Ms. Garcia. FSS happy to see that Ms. Garcia no longer has to worry about her homes foundation.
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