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Foundation repair and maintenance should be a priority for commercial property owners. Whether you own a building that is leased to tenants, or you own a factory or office, foundation damage can mean disruption to business operations and lost revenue. When there’s foundation damage in a house, a single-family is impacted. However, commercial foundation damage impacts the ability for businesses to stay open and keep running. It can affect whether employees can come to work or customers can safely enter the building. Getting help with commercial foundation repair in San Antonio and Austin, TX is critical, so call 210-267-8828 today for help. 

Commercial Foundation Repair Requires Expertise

Commercial foundation repair and maintenance is more complex than residential work. Commercial sites have extensive sewer, water, and other pipe systems underneath them. The buildings are larger and heavier. Every action taken to fix a commercial building foundation has bigger consequences. Businesses need to make sure they hire the right teams to work on their foundations. Well-resourced foundation repair companies have the technical expertise and equipment to get the job done quickly. Remember, the longer the job takes, the longer you have to deal with closing the doors due to safety concerns. For commercial foundation repair in San Antonio and Austin, TX, call us at 210-267-8828

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Solutions for Commercial Property Owners

Commercial facilities are large and complicated, so there are more services needed for proper commercial foundation repair in San Antonio and Austin, TX. Here are some of the services Foundation Support Specialists provides:

  • Pier Installation – Installing piers is the preferred method of strengthening a weak or damaged foundation. Foundation Support Specialists uses push piers, helical piers and other methods to improve the structural integrity of a foundation. Our quality service is matched with quality materials from leading manufacturer Earth Contact Products. Piers are installed underneath the foundation into the solid ground to increase the foundation’s load-bearing capacity. It reduces the risk or impact of cracked concrete slabs and other damage. 
  • Cracked Concrete Repair and Sealing – When a concrete foundation cracks, it can threaten the stability of a commercial building. The stakes are higher with commercial buildings because they’re heavier than homes and structural damage can close down an office or industrial workplace. We can locate and seal concrete cracks to stop them from spreading. 
  • Crawl Space Encapsulation – Commercial buildings often have multiple crawl spaces to facilitate site maintenance. Foundation Support Specialists offers crawl space encapsulation to prevent moisture build-up that can damage the building’s foundation. An added benefit of encapsulation is that it improves air quality in the building because lower moisture means it’s harder for mold and allergens to build up. 
  • Regular Foundation Inspections – Spotting foundation damage early is the best way to avoid costly repairs or closures. We conduct regular inspections for companies with commercial buildings to make sure there any signs of foundation damage or erosion that are found and dealt with early on.

Keep your commercial facility foundation in great shape by calling Foundation Support Specialists at 210-267-8828. Our team of experienced technicians can help you find a solution that works for your business and budget. We know that staying open and keeping productivity high are priorities, so we work hard to give you the best commercial foundation repair in San Antonio and Austin, TX.

Andrew David
FSS is proud to be helping another San Antonio area business, World Wide Pest Control. For their building, they had both concrete slab and pier and beam sections that were sinking. We installed 14 steel piers and added an additional jack and shim to their current ones and had a successful lift and stabilization of their building. Thank you for choosing FSS!
Brian Holt
FSS is proud to be installing new hot dipped galvanized piers for a engineering firm at the Barton Terrace Townhomes here in Austin Tx.
Brian Holt
FSS is proud to fixing multiple buildings at the Bartz Ranch Apartment complex that includes foundation repairs and drainage work. Scheduled to be a 2 year project.
Josh Long
We are proud to be finishing up a project today for Parent Child Inc. We did a complete foundation replacement and installed 171 new supports including crawlspace jacks and concrete posts. These offices and classrooms can safely continue serving our community's youth. Thank you for choosing FSS, we are happy to have been a part of this!
Brian Holt
FSS had the exciting opportunity to repair the foundation for Longhorn Steakhouse. The restaurant was showing signs of settlement and required extensive repair to properly stabilize the building. For this project a year ago, we installed 49 steel piers, dug 20 ft. of tunneling and used Poly Pro X to even out some concrete walkways and ramps. Thank you for trusting FSS with these crucial repairs and we're proud to have been part of this project!
Josh Long
Today we're finishing up our project at the Hard Rock Cafe in Downtown San Antonio! This project was interesting, because it was our first time repairing a structural column. The restaurant has a structural concrete column that was degrading due to a leaking freezer built around it. We installed two supports temporary supports to carry the load of the structure while we removed the degraded concrete to install permanent column support bracing. Proud to help our the Hard Rock Cafe and serve our community.
Josh Long
FSS has been given the opportunity to perform work on the Hard Rock Cafe - Riverwalk.  There are a number of columns that are in need of some maintenance repair.  FSS will be shoring up the strength and stability of these columns.  It is always a pleasure to take on unique projects and interesting projects.  FSS is proud to be serving our community!
Jeremy Bernal
This was a challenging job for reasons that didn’t have to do with the slab foundation. We had to remove part of a deck and work around power lines in the ground. We had to remove decorative stone and remove and preserve plants to install the piers. Once we finished installing the piers, we had to rebuild the deck, replant the plants, lay down mulch and return the decorative stones to their original position. We lifted the slab about 1 1/2” to flatten it out. Customer was thrilled with the results. Job well done by the FSS crew!
Richard Reed
FSS is proud to be able to help the sisters at the Benedictine Sisters Monastery in Boerne Tx on a foundation repair project.
Jeremy Bernal
Our team installed 12 galvanized steel piers on Jamie’s house in Converse. We had to remove some plants to get the install right, but we replanted and the yard looks great. We lifted her home and got the slab flatten out very nicely! Another happy FSS customer!
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