Foundation Repair Types in San Antonio and Austin, TX

Pouring Concrete Slab.

Understanding Different Methods of Repair

The best foundation repair service providers offer a variety of methods for their customers. Foundation Support Specialists has the resources and expertise to use the best foundation repair techniques for each home and commercial property owner. We consistently dispatch technicians to properties to assess the condition of foundations. They work with property owners to develop plans to get foundations back in great working shape. If you need foundation repair or maintenance in the greater San Antonio and Austin, TX areas, call 210-267-8828 today! We offer free consultations and can schedule an appointment as soon as possible. Different situations call for different foundation repair. Here’s a basic breakdown of some of the repair solutions we offer.

Foundation Repair with Helical and Push Piers

Our teams use helical and push piers from leading manufacturer Earth Contact Products to add support and weight-bearing capability to homes and buildings. Different piers work better under specific conditions, so an inspection needs to be done before installation or repair. Piers are drilled deep into stable soil to improve stability. Foundation Support Specialists uses the highest quality piers made. They last for years and shore up weakened or damaged foundations.

Concrete Leveling

Concrete leveling, sometimes referred to as mudjacking, is a method used to raise sunken concrete slabs in foundations and surrounding slabs. When soil weakens and shifts, the foundation can crack and break. Over time, soil compacts and cracked slabs sink lower. Foundation repair services in San Antonio and Austin, TX from Foundation Support Specialists use concrete leveling to raise concrete slabs back into their original position. Leveling restores the structural integrity of slabs, and work can be done to seal cracks to stop water and other substances from leaking into the concrete. Call us at 210-267-8828 to learn more!

A Man Inspecting a Home Settlement Collapse.

Waterproofing and Drainage Solutions for Foundation Repair

Regulating moisture levels in basements, crawl spaces and around foundations is critical to keeping a foundation in good condition. Our team uses a variety of methods to keep water penetration out, leaving foundations clean and dry. We work with clients to install effective drainage systems that feed water away from foundations and walls. Our teams install vapor barriers to line structures with water-resistant materials that also prevent harmful gases like radon from getting inside.

Crawl Space Encapsulation

Foundations often have crawl spaces around them that house insulation, plumbing systems, and other pipes, as well as HVAC vents and appliances. Unprotected crawl spaces open foundations up to water, mold, and pests. Water can damage pipes, rotting wood, and trigger mold growth. If left unchecked, these problems can cause issues ranging from foul smells to structural weakness in a home or commercial building. Our technicians can install airtight doorways, vents, and other solutions to keep crawl spaces dry and free from intruders. Foundation Support Specialists is committed to continual learning. We’re always investing in learning the most advanced foundation repair solutions available in San Antonio and Austin, TX. When you hire Foundation Support Specialists, you are getting an industry-leading team with the tools and resources to respond effectively to any issue you may be facing. Call us today at 210-267-8828 for foundation help in the greater San Antonio and Austin, TX areas. We’ll respond quickly to make sure your foundation gets the attention it deserves.

David Gomez Jr
Finishing up a short and sweet project today in Austin, TX for the O'Neill family. Their entire house was settling so we installed 20 steel piers to lift and stabilize the perimeter of the foundation. All corners are now re-elevated and further and damaging settlement has been avoided. Thank you for choosing FSS!
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