Push Piers

Details of Industrial Rotary Drill Machinery

An Effective Stabilizing Solution

Foundations that are located on top of weak or shifting soil can be easily damaged. When soil moves, the weight-bearing ability of the foundation changes. Oftentimes, walls crack or shift as the foundation moves around slightly. Ground issues can also inflict damage directly onto foundations. Hairline cracks can develop or moisture can slowly work its way into the foundation and weaken it. Thankfully, Foundation Support Specialists has solutions to help. If your property has cracked or weakened walls, contact us today at 210-267-8828! We use push piers in San Antonio and Austin, TX to help stabilize foundations. They help take some of the structural weight off the foundation and anchor a home or building into deeper soil that’s less likely to shift. This style of piers is a great solution because they can be installed relatively quickly with little disruption. Our push piers come from leading manufacturer Earth Contact Products. They produce some of the best, most reliable foundation repair products in the nation.

Push Pier Basics

Push piers are typically made of steel to maximize durability and strength. Property owners don’t want rust to weaken underground piers years down the road. The installation process is also streamlined to avoid any damage to the foundation or structure on top of it. Innovative drills limit the amount of vibration that’s sent out by the piers. Engineers can quickly load test installed piers to make sure the entire foundation is getting the support it needs.

After push piers are installed across a foundation, the weight of the home or building is shifted from the foundation onto the piers. Sunken or damaged foundations can be lifted and restored to their original positions with the use of strong hydraulic jacks. The jacks use manifold systems to make sure all of the piers act in unison so the result is an even, steady foundation. If you are interested in push piers in San Antonio and Austin, TX, call us at 210-267-8828!

Benefits of Push Piers

We use push piers because they’re safe and provide property owners in San Antonio and Austin, TX with fantastic foundation support. The installation is easy for skilled technicians, so several piers can be installed in a relatively short time. Once the push piers are in, they’re incredibly strong. They can take on the weight of almost any structure. The insertion process requires minimal excavation and soil removal, so there’s little damage to any landscaping or cement work in the area. Foundation Support Specialists helps Texas property owners with residential and commercial push pier installation and maintenance. We have years of experience lifting and stabilizing foundations of all sizes and conditions. If you need help strengthening your foundation, call 210-267-8828 today to hear how we can help.

Andrew David
Waterfall feature was settling causing damage to the pool and breaking water lines. We lifted and stabilized the waterfall with 3 of our steel piers. We carefully cut out the flagstone so that it could be reinstalled after our work was complete. This was a very neat little job.
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