Poly Pro X

Foam in the Wall at a Construction Site.

Concrete Lifting and Sealing

Poly Pro X is the industry-leading solution for concrete stabilization. When soil shifts, it’s common for concrete to crack and break. The result is often an unsightly sidewalk or driveway. What’s worse is that sometimes shifts can be so significant that they render the concrete dangerous and unusable. Poly Pro X is a concrete raising foam that can restore slabs and fix uneven surfaces.

Traditionally, cracked or uneven concrete often meant a total replacement. However, with Poly Pro X, concrete driveways, sidewalks, and other surfaces can be restored into great shape. Foundation Support Specialists loves using Poly Pro X concrete raising foam in San Antonio and Austin, TX because it works great, can be done fast, and saves customers money. If you need concrete raised in, call us today at 210-267-8828!

How Poly Pro X Concrete Raising Foam Works

Poly Pro X is a polyurethane that is injected into cracks and holes in concrete to raise uneven surfaces that have shifted due to soil movement, root growth, and other factors. The polyurethane is strong enough to stabilize the uneven concrete to be weight-bearing again. After the concrete has been stabilized, technicians can seal holes and cracks to make driveways and sidewalks beautiful again. Don’t risk leaving damaged concrete alone for too long. It’s an accident waiting to happen, and at the very least is an unsightly inconvenience that can hurt property values. Using Poly Pro X is eco-friendly, and keeps your concrete waterproof to prevent future erosion. It’s a fast solution that works perfectly to make your concrete look and work great. Foundation Support Specialists has experience using Poly Pro X concrete raising foam in San Antonio and Austin, TX on a wide variety of repair jobs. If you need help with uneven cement surfaces, call us today at 210-267-8828 to hear about how we can assist.

Jose Morales
Injected foam on walk way and drive way to fill void and lift uneven areas and caulked joints and cracks on drive way
Jose Morales
We injected our Poly Pro X near the top the driveway where it had sunk.  Removed the old caulking and installed new caulking.  Thank you to Terri for trusting FSS with her driveway settling issues.