Light Pole

Foundation Repair Around a Light Pole.

Keep the Lights On with Great Foundations!

Foundation Support Specialists helps communities with light pole foundation maintenance and repair. We work hard to keep light pole concrete foundation work in great shape so they can hold up lights and keep roadways safely lit. If you need light pole foundation service in the San Antonio and Austin, TX area, call us today at 210-267-8828. Light pole foundations are regularly exposed to the elements. There’s little to protect the foundations from rainfall and moisture buildup. Over time, small cracks in the foundation can form that weaken its strength. Weakened foundations can become unstable. Partner with a reliable foundation repair service that can protect expensive, critical light pole concrete foundation investments.

Light Pole Concrete Foundation Repair and Service

Fixing damaged light pole foundations takes precision repair because of the amount of wiring involved. Repairs often require increased safety precautions because the light poles are located in areas with moving vehicles. Pedestrians, drivers, and businesses rely on functioning lights to feel safe in their communities. Light poles typically use helical piers for support. Foundation Support Specialists uses expertise from working regularly with helical piers to conduct rapid repairs on a light pole concrete foundation in San Antonio and Austin, TX. When root growth, shifts in soil, vehicle accidents and other incidents affect foundation stability, helical piers need to be adjusted.

Helical pier installation and maintenance requires minimal excavation. Professional teams can perform repairs in tight locations to minimize disruption to foot and vehicle traffic. Additionally, they work to seal any cracks in cement foundations to provide sufficient support for light poles. Cracks need to be sealed to stop water and dirt from getting inside and causing more damage. Essentially, light pole foundation repair depends on the size and weight of the pole whether it’s located on a slope, and its surrounding conditions.

You Can Rely On Us

Foundation Support Specialists has years of experience with light pole concrete foundations in the San Antonio and Austin, TX areas. Clients know they can come to us for work on light poles, decorative poles, parking lot light poles, or any other light pole foundation. We have the tools and resources to respond quickly to calls and get things back in shape. Our team is dedicated to providing quality service and workmanship on every job. You can also count on quality materials sourced from Earth Contact Products, a leading manufacturer in the foundation repair industry. If you have questions about light pole foundation servicing and repair, contact our team today at 210-267-8828. We’ll walk you through what we can offer around your schedule and budget.