Helical Piers

A Drill is Going Into the Ground While Men Are in the Background.

A Valuable Stability Solution

If your property is leaning or has cracked walls and floors, it could be a sign your foundation is severely damaged. When left alone too long, foundation damage can lead to foundation failure. If your foundation needs help, call 210-267-8828 for immediate assistance! Helical piers offer incredible support to home and building foundations. For years, Foundation Support Specialists has used helical piers in San Antonio and Austin, TX on all types of structures and sites to improve stability and strengthen foundations.

Helical Pier Basics

Foundations that run into problems from shifting soil, root growth, and other factors can benefit from the added support of helical piers. Helical piers are inserted hydraulically into the soil to reach deeper levels of ground more capable of bearing the weight of a home or commercial building. The piers are shaped similar to large screws, so they are easy to install and spread the weight across several points under a foundation. They’re a great fix for new or damaged foundations. To ensure quality, we source our helical piers from Earth Contact Products, a leading manufacturer of helical piers and other foundation repair products.

Some of the Benefits

Helical piers are the preferred method of foundation stabilization for many properties in San Antonio and Austin, TX because of several reasons. First, ease of use is the main factor. Resolving issues with foundations needs to be done quickly. The more time a foundation is allowed to exist with damaged or uneven cement, the higher the probability that structural damage will occur.

Installing helical piers requires precise drilling, so there’s very little vibration during the process. It’s important to minimize vibration to prevent damaging a foundation. Helical piers are also immediately effective. Once they’re installed, there is immediate load transfer that takes the pressure off your foundation. They can be placed in any weather conditions and are extremely durable. Call us at 210-267-8828 to learn more.

The Installation Process

Helical pier installation is quick and easy but requires professional expertise. Technicians use a system of hydraulic drills, spreader beams, steel pipes, and brackets to secure a foundation. The system is straightforward, but each property is different. Helical pier specialists need to assess the condition of the foundation, the weight of the building, any current leaning or weight issues, and other factors to come up with the right helical pier solution.

The experts at Foundation Support Specialists will schedule an inspection to see whether helical piers in San Antonio and Austin, TX are the solution for you. For years, property owners have turned to our team for foundation repair that works. We’re dedicated to making sure your foundation is in great shape. Our teams have experience working on large and small properties, so we’re confident we can help with any foundation repair or maintenance you’re facing. Dial 210-267-8828 to make an appointment.

If you are considering a foundation repair but are unsure about the affordability of the work, give us a call! We can come out to your residential or commercial property and inspect what you are worried about. After looking over the work we would have to do, we will be able to give you a free estimate! You can use this to help you decide what the best course of action is. While we know that this is a big decision that requires some thought, we never recommend putting off such a critical repair. That is why we also offer financing! If you have questions about our free estimates or financing, reach out to us at 210-267-8828.