Foundation Repair Solution in San Antonio and Austin, TX

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We Help Find You the Right Solution for Your Property

Foundation Support Specialists provides home and businesses with the best foundation repair solutions available in San Antonio and Austin, TX. Our team of experienced technicians can handle any foundation repair, maintenance, or service request possible. We’re dedicated to keeping your foundation stable and damage-free. If you need any help with your foundation, call us at 210-267-8828 to schedule an appointment.

Foundation problems are justifiably stressful. Damage to a foundation can affect its ability to support the weight of a home or other building structure. When foundations start to fail, it can damage walls, concrete slabs, basement, and warehouse floors and other parts of a property. Significant damage can cost a great deal to repair. In the worst cases, it can make a building unusable.

Custom Foundation Repair Solutions for Your Property

The best companies craft custom foundation repair solutions for every property they visit. The team at Foundation Support Specialists has enough training and resources to design specific repair solutions for your property. We send technicians to perform full-point inspections to assess the condition of your foundation and any impact conditions are having on surrounding concrete work, nearby crawl spaces, and interior walls. We look for moisture penetration into foundations as well as inside houses and buildings. After the inspection, we work with customers to set budgets, schedules, and desired outcomes. We have the resources to respond to foundation repair quickly with high-quality work that lasts.

  • Helical Piers If you think helical piers will be able to fix your foundation issues, please give us a call!
  • Light Pole Light poles that have severe foundation damages can be repaired by our foundation repair contractors.
  • Poly Pro X We use Poly Pro X in order to fix foundation cracks and damages.
  • Push Piers Call Foundation Support Specialists today to learn more about push piers.
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A Variety of Foundation Repair Solutions

Foundation Support Specialists is committed to developing advanced foundation repair solutions in San Antonio and Austin, TX to keep your property in good shape for longer. We work with push piers, helical piers, crawl space encapsulation, drainage solutions, and other repair technology to protect your foundation and property. We source our materials and supplies from industry leader Earth Contact Products, to ensure quality. We can restore damaged concrete, apply sealant, and waterproof exteriors and interiors. Our team has experience working on a variety of foundation types. We can handle anything from solar panel foundations to large commercial facility foundations. Each foundation repair solution is carried out by trained staff and with the best available materials and equipment. We are continually investing in state of the art equipment to make sure our customers get the best product possible. The result is a beautiful foundation that’s set to last for years, so call us at 210-267-8828 to make an appointment.

Our Commitment

We’re committed to providing the best foundation repair solutions in San Antonio and Austin, TX. Local businesses and homeowners have turned to Foundation Support Specialists for years for all of their foundation needs. We’re committed to maintaining properties in the area in perfect condition. Even the best foundations eventually need maintenance and repair. Soil settles and shifts, moisture levels spike, and cement gets exposed to direct sunlight for years. Eventually, wear and tear on foundations requires the hand of professional repair service. Foundation Support Specialists stands ready to assist in any job, large or small. Call us today at 210-267-8828 to schedule an appointment or to listen to our foundation repair solutions. Our dedicated customer support teams will help guide you in the right direction to make sure you get the help you need. We’ll have your foundation looking great in no time.

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