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Foundation cracks

The quicker you are to spot cracks around your South Texas home, the more time, money, and headaches you will save in the long run. Being able to watch out for cracks in the ceilings,  floors, and walls of your home is what could potentially save your foundation. Foundation cracks are something that if you do notice, you need to call a foundation crack repair professional right away. Whether the crack is brand new, or the crack has been there and has gotten bigger over time, both could mean serious issues for the structure of your home. This is why being able to spot them and knowing to call the professionals is so important for not only your home but you and your family as well.

Most foundation cracks you will find are caused by settlement or upheaval to your home. Settlement occurs when the soil around your home’s foundation has too little of moisture causing the soil to shrink, which ultimately causes your home to sink. On the other hand, upheaval occurs when the soil around your house contains too must moisture, causing the soil to swell, which puts pressure on your foundation walls. No matter the reason of your foundation shifting, it will cause problems like foundation cracks around your home.

Foundation Cracks Solution

Foundation Support Specialists offers foundation repair solutions for your foundation crack issues. We offer American-made galvanized steel pier solutions, which connect your bedrock and the foundation securely. This means that the soil is out of the equation, meaning you will never experience settlement or upheaval ever again. We also offer crawl space jacks for those who have a pier and beam foundation, which are also 100% American made products. Both of these are top quality solutions that will protect your home’s structure for a lifetime.

If you have noticed cracks around your South Texas home or suspect that you might have any foundation issues, give Foundation Support Specialists a call right away at 210-702-3201. We offer you free estimates as well as financing options. If you are looking for a knowledgeable, trustworthy foundation crack repair company, you have come to the right place.