Financing Your Foundation Repair

Nobody wants to hear that they need to pay for foundation repairs. But unfortunately, foundation problems are one of the realities of owning a home, especially in South Texas. As your home ages and the soil beneath it expands and contracts, even the best built foundations become more prone to sink or crack. And while ignoring the problem is an option, it’s not a smart one. The longer you wait to address your sticking doors or sloping floor, the higher the repair costs become.

The best option is to remedy the situation ASAP. But, where will the money come from? As we know, money doesn’t grow on trees and who wants to spend their hard-earned savings on an expensive home repair? Especially if that money is earmarked for something special like that big family trip or new car!

We say, no way! You didn’t pay for your house with one lump payment, right? So why should necessary foundation repairs be any different? We encourage home owners to take advantage of an affordable payment plan that works for them, ensuring that the foundation is repaired today and the home is safe while spacing out payments over time.

This is why it’s so important to work with a foundation repair contractor that offers competitive financing options. At Foundation Support Specialists, we offer our customers simple and flexible ways to finance their foundation repair. We partner exclusively with Foundation Finance Company, which offers a variety of low-cost financing promotions and payment plans for a wide range of customers and situations. And don’t worry, perfect credit is NOT required.

Your home is your biggest investment, don’t wait until the problem gets worse. And with our lifetime, transferable warranty you are not only keeping you family safe today, you are adding value to your home should you ever decide to sell.

By working with us at Foundation Support Specialists, all foundation repair jobs are guaranteed for life. We do the job ONCE and we do it RIGHT. If there is ever an issue with something we have repaired, we will fix it for free. So, the foundation repair financing process isn’t something that you’ll ever need to revisit. Once is plenty!