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How to Lower Humidity in a Crawl Space?

The best way to control humidity in your crawl space is with a dehumidifier. You might be tempted to buy a dehumidifier from the store and place it into your crawl space. Unfortunately, there a few problems with using a store-bought brand. One, they simply don’t have the storage capacity to handle humidity below your home. Ranging from 20-70 pints of water removal per day, consumer dehumidifiers aren’t built for crawl space use. 

Moreover, many dehumidifiers need to be emptied by hand. Even self-draining dehumidifiers can end up becoming too full. Taking a trip into your crawl space just to empty water isn’t ideal. Instead, contact FSS to protect your crawl space with an energy-efficient dehumidifier with self-draining mechanisms and the capacity to remove 105 pints of water every day.

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