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Are there ways to prevent foundation damage?

While foundation settlement is almost inevitable, there are a few ways you can prolong the life of your foundation. 

  • Eliminate standing water. If you have gutters that empty near your home’s foundation, consider having a French drain installed that will divert water away from your foundation. 
  • Install gutters. Without gutters, water running off your roof will deposit usually within a foot of your home’s foundation. Installing gutters and their downspouts will help direct the water towards a spot further away from your foundation.
  • Include mulch in any landscaping near your foundation. Mulch is great for retaining water and moisture which will help keep the soil around your home from drying out in our Texas drought. 
  • Inspect your home annually. There are a few obvious signs of foundation settlement that you can spot on your own. Set some time aside annually to do a walkthrough both inside and out using our signs and symptoms as a guide. 
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