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A House Drainage System Can Help Save Your South Texas Foundation

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Interior drainage is extremely important to water management around your home. When you have water in your home it comes in via your foundation when the water table is high around your home. We have a line of interior drainage products produced by Earth Contact Products (ECP) for your home. We can use these products to direct water to your sump basin which will then pump water out of your home for good!

ECP water channels are a product we utilize in your interior drainage system. It allows water to move beneath your slab in a drain and into your sump basin. This keeps the water from invading the rest of your basement or crawl space.

Surface drainage works in conjunction with interior drainage systems to help protect your yard and property when there are excess rains and water builds up in your yard and in the soil around your foundation. Our surface drainage systems collect water from the downspouts and water collection areas, directing it away from the foundation. They can help minimize debris like leaves and sticks from entering the system, also, lowering the chance of it becoming clogged. Since the system won’t clog, it will last longer and work better for you over time.

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We can use a combination of interior waterproofing, exterior waterproofing, encapsulation products, and house drainage products to ensure your home is permanently dry. Not only can you keep your basement or crawl space dry, you can protect your foundation. You are protecting the biggest investment you have – your home. We proudly serve all of South Texas.

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We offer FREE ESTIMATES to our customers and look to find a home drainage solution that fits their budget whether your location is in Austin, TX, San Antonio, TX or any other South Texas location. We also stand behind our work and make sure that it’s done the right the first time. Ask us about our warranties and financing. To get started, visit our contact us page. We look forward to hearing from you. We are here to make this process as easy as possible for you.