Cracked Wall Repairs

A Crack in a Wall.

Take Action to Fix Cracks Now

When walls crack they let air and moisture inside. Left alone for too long, cracked walls can threaten the structural integrity of a home or commercial building. They can also indicate underlying problems with the foundation. As foundations shift, changes in weight loads increase pressure on walls. Eventually, the walls deteriorate and begin leaning. Fixing them requires professional wall crack repair.

Foundation Support Specialists helps property owners in San Antonio and Austin, TX to repair cracked walls. If you see cracks or leaning walls inside your home or commercial property, call us today at 210-267-8828.

Cracked Wall Repair Procedure

Wall repairs typically involve addressing cracks first. Most wall crack repair services use epoxy injections or other crack sealants to stop any water leaks or air exposure. They can also install drainage lines that funnel water from the crack to a drainage system so there’s no sitting water left on concrete floors in basements or warehouse floors. The drainage helps in the event of more shifting that causes cracks in sealant.

Unfortunately, cracked walls also often point to problems with the building’s foundation. Cracks occur when the foundation sinks or moves sideways. Cracks are where the built-up pressure eventually breaks through. Foundation repair can stabilize weight-bearing and prevent more cracks from appearing.

Benefits of Wall Crack Repair

It’s vital to get cracked walls repaired as soon as possible. Leaving even small cracks makes it possible for water to get inside the walls and cause further damage. Moisture can get inside and sit on floors, creating hairline cracks in residential and commercial foundations. Good wall crack repair keeps buildings safe from outside elements.

Cracked wall repair also prevents radon gas from getting inside. Radon comes from underground and can be harmful to those exposed when in large enough doses. Making sure your building has a sound exterior helps prevent radon or any other harmful materials from getting inside.

Walls with no cracks make it hard for insects, rodents and other animals to get inside. When property owners neglect to repair cracks in walls, it’s not too long before they have to deal with exterminators as well.

Foundation Support Specialists specializes in wall crack repair for residential and commercial properties around San Antonio and Austin, TX. You can trust us for high quality work from professionals using materials from leading manufacturers like Earth Contact Products. Contact us at210-267-8828to schedule an appointment. Give us a call whenever you find evidence of cracked walls or a faulty foundation. We work with the best materials and provide high-quality services!