Concrete Sealing Service

Concrete Sealant Being Rolled On.

Sealing Protects Your Foundation

Extend the life of your concrete foundation or concrete slabs with concrete sealing. Sealed concrete is one of the best ways to prevent cracks from spreading and works to keep out moisture and water damage. For concrete sealing service in the greater San Antonio and Austin, TX region, contact Foundation Support Specialists at210-267-8828today!

Concrete is naturally porous. That means it’s relatively easy for moisture to seep inside and erode it. Over the years, small amounts of moisture can cause hairline fractures in concrete slabs that can turn into larger cracks and breaks.

The Sealing Process

Special sealants can be applied to concrete surfaces to protect them from moisture. It essentially makes concrete slabs water-resistant. Sealing old concrete isn’t permanent, but it does last a long time. The durability of sealed concrete depends on climate conditions and how much wear and tear concrete slabs are subjected to.

Concrete slabs need to be thoroughly cleaned before the sealant is applied. The surface needs to be clean and entirely dry for sealing to adhere well to the concrete. Once applied, the sealed concrete cures over a matter of weeks until the process is finished.

Expert Sealed Concrete Technicians at Foundation Support Specialists

The team at Foundation Support Specialists helps commercial and residential property owners protect concrete surfaces with expert concrete sealing service. We help home and business foundations around San Antonio and Austin, TX with all types of concrete maintenance and repair. Keeping sealed concrete in perfect condition helps maintain property value and protect walls, floors, and foundations from unnecessary water damage.

Concrete sealing is an excellent form of preventative maintenance. Taking the time to care properly for your concrete surfaces will help avoid costly repairs to damaged or uneven concrete slabs in the future. That means more money you can spend on other activities at home or for your business. Sealings also prevent chemical damage to slabs. It keeps the appearance of concrete looking better for longer and prevents damage from changes in temperature.

Trust in the team at Foundation Support Specialists to get concrete sealing done fast and effectively. We offer sealing at a great value. Our technicians use only high-quality products from leading manufacturers like Earth Contact Products so you can rest assured your sealing will stand the test of time. If you have any questions about concrete sealing or repair, contact our team at210-267-8828today! We’re dedicated to protecting your property from harmful or unsightly damaged concrete.