Interior Waterproofing

Waterproofing Material is Rolled Onto a Wall.

Keep Your Property Dry and Free from Mold

Most people turn to professional waterproofing when they’re having trouble stopping recurring leaks in the basement or other areas of a home or building. Stopping water leaks can be frustrating. It’s hard to find the source of the leak, and concerns that ongoing leaks threaten to damage the foundation and walls are justifiable. Keeping basements, warehouse floors, walls, and brickwork dry is important to the overall health of a home or building. It protects the value of a property and keeps it safe from mold and potential slipping injuries. 

Foundation Support Specialists provides modern interior waterproofing methods for every property owner. We work on a variety of property sizes, facility designs, and locations. If you need interior waterproofing in the greater San Antonio and Austin, TX area, call 210-267-8828 today!

Interior Waterproofing Steps

Professional foundation repair and maintenance teams have experience with interior waterproofing. Here are some of the basic steps they follow:

  • If there is a current or past water leak affecting the walls or foundation, technicians will first work to locate the source of the leak. Fixing the source helps prevent further damage to brick or cement work in the area. It makes repairs a permanent, rather than a temporary, solution. 
  • After the source has been dealt with, technicians will inspect the area for gaps and cracks that could let moisture in. They work to seal gaps and cracks with caulking, polyurethane fillers and other products to improve water resistance. 
  • The waterproof coating can be applied to floors and walls that repel moisture as it tries to enter the house or building. 
  • If leaks persist, teams can work to install interior drainage systems that stop water from pooling. It also keeps water away from important appliances, machinery or business inventory. 
  • Vapor barriers can be installed to help stop moisture and condensation from coming from outside. 
  • If necessary, dehumidifiers can be placed around moist areas in a basement or warehouse to stop moisture from collecting.

Waterproofing You Can Trust

Property owners around San Antonio and Austin, TX consistently turn to Foundation Support Specialists for interior waterproofing solutions. We know how frustrating leaks and pooling water can be, and work with clients to avoid greater damage to foundations and walls. You can trust our technicians for quality service, and our materials for durability and reliability because they are sourced from leading manufacturers like Earth Contact Products. For help with interior waterproofing, call us at 210-267-8828 today. We’re dedicated to helping you find answers to water leaks and to keeping your home or commercial facility’s foundation in great shape.