Exterior Waterproofing & Drainage

Waterproofing Material Placed Around a Foundation.

Take Action to Fight Off Moisture and Foundation Damage

Keeping water away from walls helps preserve a foundation. When water is allowed to run freely into walls and soil around a house or commercial facility, it can seep into brick and cement work. Eventually, hairline cracks occur that can weaken the foundation’s strength and stability. Exterior waterproofing creates proper drainage systems to keep walls and foundations dry. 

Foundation Support Specialists works with residential and commercial property owners in the San Antonio and Austin, TX area to ensure buildings have proper exterior waterproofing and drainage. If you need help with an inspection or waterproofing and drainage installation or repair, call 210-267-8828to schedule an appointment.

Effective Exterior Waterproofing and Drainage

Professional technicians work to make sure properties have good drainage systems that keep water away from walls and out of basements. A lot feeds into proper drainage. The way the roof can handle and direct rainwater, gutter systems, flashing and other components of a building work together to push water away from a house or commercial building. Here are some other methods that Foundation Support Specialists can use to help with waterproofing and drainage. 

  • Gutter Maintenance and Repair: Drainage issues usually occur for simple reasons. The most common reason is gutter blockages or breaks. Gutters are an interconnected system that collects water and feeds it away from walls and foundations. If one piece is broken, the exterior is exposed. Clearing and repairing gutter systems needs to happen regularly.
  • Curtain Drains: Curtain drains help prevent water from pooling when a building or house is located on a slope. Trenches are made some distance away from the house and pipes are laid to funnel water that comes down the slope. 
  • Drainage System Extensions: Depending on the facility, the amount of rainfall and other conditions, professional waterproofing and drainage services can extend downspouts capable of doing what’s necessary to keep things dry. 

Find an Experienced Waterproofing and Drainage Provider

Foundation Support Specialists has been operating in the greater San Antonio and Austin, TX for years, helping commercial and residential clients with drainage solutions. We perform regular inspections and preventative care to avoid larger repairs from water exposure to walls and foundations. Take the time to keep your drainage systems up to date and keep your foundation away from unnecessary water damage. For all repair and maintenance solutions we ensure quality by sourcing materials from leading manufacturers like Earth Contact Products. If you have any questions about exterior waterproofing and drainage solutions, call 210-267-8828 to speak with someone from our team. We’re dedicated to finding the best answer for your property.


Josh Long
FSS completed a 150 foot French Drain for a homebuilder.  The homebuilder is thrilled with the work and so is the homeowner.  We are happy to have been a part of the project.  We look forward to completing more work for the home builder in the future.
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