Crawl Space Encapsulation

A Crawl Space Under Construction.

Keep Your Foundation Dry and Clean

Controlling moisture in crawl spaces is a critical part of a home’s or building’s maintenance. When moisture is allowed to build, it can trigger mold growth. If mold growth goes unchecked, it can pose a health and safety hazard to people in the house, office, or other commercial space. High moisture levels can also threaten and damage the structural integrity of a building. 

Crawl spaces present a unique problem because they’re unseen and difficult to get to. Most building owners avoid them. Still, crawl spaces in San Antonio and Austin, TX need to get regular maintenance to stop any unseen mold growth. 

Property owners look to specialists for crawl space encapsulation services to keep their properties protected. If your crawl space needs attention, call 210-267-8828 for help. 

How to Spot Potential Problems

It’s hard to spot crawl space problems directly because they see so little foot traffic. However, there are some indications of moisture and mold growth owners should know about. Here are some signs of high moisture levels in your crawl space: 

  • Musty odors emanating from behind walls, roofs, or floors.
  • A feeling of higher than normal humidity.
  • A spike in heating and cooling utility costs. 
  • Warped floors.
  • Condensation or water gathering on walls, floors, or ceilings.
  • Any mold growth.

If you suspect mold growth or higher than normal moisture, you may want to get into the crawl space for a look. Once inside, look for these signs of moisture or mold:

  • Wet insulation or condensation on masonry work or wood beams. 
  • Any musty odors.
  • Water on pipes or any HVAC vents.
  • Any signs of mold.

Crawl Space Encapsulation Procedure

Foundation Support Specialists has trained technicians to keep your crawl space dry, clean, and mold-free. Our company has several solutions to keep water out for good. We provide vapor barrier installation, insulation repair and maintenance, crawl space door and access well work, and vent cover repair and installation. 

Every building’s crawl space is slightly different. To get the best solution for your property, Foundation Support Specialists can send a technician to you to perform a full-point inspection. They’ll work with you to develop a plan to fight off moisture and keep your crawl space in pristine condition. 

Our team can work with your timeline and budget to get the best answer for your crawl space. To ensure quality, you can trust our repair work to be durable because we use materials sourced from leading manufacturers like Earth Contact Products. Crawl space encapsulation is one of the best ways to protect your home or building from moisture and mold growth. If you want to learn more about encapsulation in San Antonio and Austin, TX, call210-267-8828today!

Josh Long
Mr. Sheridan called Foundation Support Specialists with a mold and moisture issue originating in his home crawlspace. After diagnosing the cause, our expert team installed a vapor barrier in the crawlspace to mitigate the humidity that was causing damage to the home foundation and subfloor.
Josh Long
Encapsulated crawlspace using vapor barrier system to seal out moisture and mold issue beneath home.
Josh Long
Helping Mrs. Robinson remedy a moisture issue and encapsulate the crawlspace under her home.
Josh Long
Lee was complaining about health issues related to the humidity problem in his crawl space. FSS encapsulated the 2,500 sqft area and installed dehumidifiers to solve the damp and musty issues invading his home.
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