Concrete Lifting

Gray Cracked Concrete.

Stabilize Concrete Surfaces to Repair Uneven Slabs

When concrete slabs shift and sink the result is often cracked or uneven pavement. This process, often referred to as slab settlement, can affect new and old homes. It can also happen for several reasons including shifting soil underneath the concrete and the amount of stress and weight placed on top of it. Concrete lifting in San Antonio and Austin, TX from Foundation Support Specialists can help restore sidewalks, driveways, and other concrete work to normal. Avoid safety hazards and unsightly slab settling by calling 210-267-8828 today!

Slab Settling

When concrete slabs settle, they can look bad and even be dangerous. Uneven concrete can hurt anyone who slips and falls on cracks. It’s a legal liability every home or commercial property owner should be aware of. Uneven concrete can also damage cars that drive over it. In factories and other commercial spaces, expensive machinery needs to be able to operate on concrete slabs. When slabs settle, it can affect whether the concrete is level. Settling slabs can leave homes and other buildings exposed to rain and other weather conditions. When concrete sinks, it often exposes brick or siding work that may not be treated to be waterproof. Gaps between the concrete and building exterior make it easy for water, animals, and dirt to get inside, which is why you need to dial 210-267-8828 for concrete lifting in San Antonio and Austin, TX.

The Concrete Lifting Process

Concrete leveling is a great option for slab repair. It’s cheaper and faster than a total slab replacement. In the leveling process, concrete workers use special polyurethane products to raise sunken concrete. The material is injected into holes and cracks in the concrete. Once it’s underneath the concrete, it expands and lifts slabs back into their original positions. More and more companies recommend polyurethane products for concrete lifting because they’re lighter than traditional mortar-based products. Concrete lifting is also commonly referred to as slab raising or mudjacking. It saves property owners time and money compared to full concrete slab replacement.

Products used in concrete lifting are Eco-friendly, waterproof, and extremely durable. What’s more, advanced concrete lifting products make it easy for technicians to adjust concrete slab levels so they’re smooth and look great. It’s perfect for repairing sidewalks, driveways, patios, basement floors, decks, and commercial concrete floors.

Foundation Support Specialists can work with you to get your concrete level and looking beautiful. Call us at 210-267-8828 to hear more about our concrete lifting services in San Antonio and Austin, TX. Schedule an appointment to have a technician come assess your concrete and design a solution just for you.

Robert Torres Jr
Robert and his crew did an outstanding job. They were professional, efficient, and friendly. I couldn’t have asked for better service.
Robert Torres Jr
Robert and his crew did an outstanding job. They were professional, efficient, and friendly. I couldn’t have asked for better service.
David Gomez Jr
We installed 16 galvanized steel piers on Dolores’ slab foundation. She was having a serious issue with her front door. Sunlight was pouring through the large gaps. We were able to get her home lifted and got her front door back in great shape. No more sunlight peeking through the gaps.
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