Cracked Concrete Repair

A Concrete Crack.

Enjoy Beautiful Smooth Concrete

When soil underneath concrete slabs becomes displaced, it’s common for concrete slabs to crack and break. Soil shifts for several reasons. Some typical causes include underground water movement, soil settling, root growth, or impact from other excavation projects. Minor concrete crack repair is often no issue, but larger cracks look bad and can be a safety hazard.

To get help with concrete crack repair, contact Foundation Support Specialists at210-267-8828. We help residential and commercial property owners across San Antonio and Austin, TX fix cracked concrete and restore concrete slabs.

Benefits of Fixing Cracks

On a basic level, cracked concrete looks bad and can hurt property values. Owners often want concrete crack repair when they buy a place, so they’ll want to factor cracked concrete repair into the purchase price. For businesses and homeowners who want to put on a good face, cracked concrete can hurt a home or office’s image. Repairing cracked concrete is a great way to keep properties clean and well maintained.

Cracked concrete can also be dangerous. A lot of cars lose their mufflers and scratch their undersides every year on cracked driveways with uneven pavement. People can trip and fall on uneven concrete. It’s a concern for homeowners, but more so for employers. Injuries due to cracked concrete can result in legal liability. Fixing cracks in concrete keep things safe and manageable.

The Cracked Concrete Repair Process

Modern developments in concrete crack repair have made fixes easier and more effective. Foundation Support Specialists have state of the art tools and repair methods to get uneven or cracked cement back in great shape.

Repairing cracked concrete involves drilling, smoothing and sealing cracks. Sunken concrete is injected with polyurethane materials to fill gaps and lift slabs back to their original positions. Our experienced teams can detail repaired concrete slabs to closely match the appearance of neighboring slabs.

Cracked concrete can be repaired at any time of the year in almost any weather conditions. Foundation Support Specialists uses high-quality materials to make repairs durable to extend the lifespan of concrete slabs and reduce the odds of future repairs.

Commercial and residential property owners around San Antonio and Austin, TX know they can rely on our team for fast, effective concrete crack repair. If you have uneven or cracked concrete that needs to be fixed, contact us at210-267-8828today! Don’t risk an injury or property damage. Let us find a solution for you.

Robert Torres Jr
Juan’s house was having an issue with just one corner of his home.  There was a fairly dramatic settlement issue he was dealing with, while the rest of his slab foundation looked to be in great shape.  It was very flat.  FSS installed 13 corrosion resistant galvanized steel piers to lift and stabilized the settled corner.Lf
Robert Torres Jr
We're on a roll today and this week finishing up our third project in Round Rock, TX. This project was fairly quick taking only one day. We installed 4 steel piers on the side of Mr. Edwards garage to prevent it from sinking further. The slab In the garage had a crack in it and was pushing away from the beam connected to the house. The pier installation was successful and the garage is stabalized with the rest of the house. Thank you for choosing FSS!
Robert Torres Jr
Our latest project out in Luling,TX went incredibly well! We installed 21 galvanized steel piers around the perimeter of Mr. Salinas' house to address some settlement issues. Piers were placed for optimal support and pushed the piers down up to 21 feet. Short and simple job and we're happy to help another FSS customer secure their home!
Robert Torres Jr
FSS is proud to have completed a foundation repair on Ft Sam Houston today. Having the opportunity to serve our armed forces is a special privilege. We are grateful for it.
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