Commercial Crawl Space Repair

A Building Crawl Space.

Keep Your Commercial Property Free from Mold and Decay

Keeping commercial properties free from mold and mildew is crucial. Mold, if left untreated, can be a health concern for any employees or customers exposed. Commercial facilities have been shut down over mold and moisture issues in their crawl spaces. Businesses and property owners have to deal with lost revenue and productivity, along with any repair costs. 

Moisture builds up in crawl spaces because they’re hard to reach areas. They don’t get a lot of foot traffic, so it’s hard to spot problems early on. Technicians at Foundation Support Specialists have the skills and tools necessary to get into commercial crawl spaces in San Antonio and Austin, TX and eliminate any effects of moisture buildup. Not only can you trust our skilled professionals for high quality work, you can count on our materials as well. We ensure quality by sourcing materials from leading manufacturers like Earth Contact Products. To schedule a crawl space inspection or repair in San Antonio and Austin, TX, call 210-267-8828 today!

Effects of Moisture in Commercial Crawl Spaces

When moisture builds up in crawl spaces, it can present several problems. First, mold growth can trigger asthma symptoms in people exposed to mold spores that spread throughout the building. It can create a foul odor that makes being in the building unpleasant. Too much moisture can also damage wood beams, appliances in the area, and any surrounding drywall. Call us at 210-267-8828 if you have problems with your crawlspace.

Solutions for Commercial Properties

Foundation Support Specialists uses many methods to protect and preserve commercial crawl spaces in San Antonio and Austin, TX. We know that staying open and operational is every business’s priority. We work quickly to eradicate moisture and set up systems to prevent damage to your crawl space. 

  • Vapor Barriers – Vapor barriers are specially-treated linings installed around crawl spaces. Underground, they protect foundations and the structure from ground moisture buildup and transfer. They prevent moisture from getting into insulation in crawl spaces, so temperature regulation stays normal.
  • Vent Covers and Access Doors – We use advanced vent covers and airtight doorways to keep crawl spaces dry. It keeps pests out of crawl spaces and controls the transfer of air from other areas of the building into the crawl space. 
  • Crawl Space Support Jacks – When moisture and mold are left alone too long, the structure can be damaged. Damaged or sinking wood beams may need additional support from jacks. 
  • Dehumidifiers – Dehumidifiers can be installed to regulate moisture levels on an ongoing basis. 

Foundation Support Specialists has helped many businesses in San Antonio and Austin, TX maintain and repair commercial crawl spaces. If your crawl space isn’t properly encapsulated, call us today at 210-267-8828 for a free consultation. We’ll work with you to find the best solution to keep your crawl space clean and dry.


Richard Reed
FSS is proud to of Helped the Kids are First organization have a secure classroom for the students it provides services too. FSS performed a full foundation replacement on the project.
David Gomez Jr
This was a larger project with a hybrid foundation. It included concrete beams around the perimeter of the house and a pier and beam foundation on the interior, in the crawlspace. We installed 39 steel piers along the perimeter and 48 adjustable crawlspace jacks in the crawlspace with 250 ft of new treated 4x6 wood beams. A challenging project but we got it done!
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