Other Services in San Antonio and Austin, TX

Pouring Concrete.

Here to Help with All of Your Foundation Needs

The team at Foundation Support Specialists spends most of our time on foundation repair projects. Whether they’re residential, commercial, or municipal concrete repair service, we bring unmatched value and expertise to every work assignment. Call us today at 210-267-8828 for all of your foundation needs! We don’t stop at basic foundation repair, however. Our technicians provide additional concrete repair service in San Antonio and Austin, TX to help prevent, repair and remedy the effects of foundation issues. We can fix the effects of cracked, shifting, or damaged foundations to other parts of your home or commercial building. Here are some of the other services Foundation Support Specialists provides to communities in the surrounding areas.

Crawl Space Encapsulation

Homes and other buildings have crawl spaces that house insulation, vent systems, pipes and other things that make properties function well. Preventing moisture penetration in crawl spaces stops mold growth and keeps water from damaging walls, wood beams, and foundations. We perform several services to encapsulate crawl spaces to keep them dry.

Vapor Barriers

Vapor barriers are linings that are installed around properties to keep moisture from getting inside. The barriers are thin linings with protective, water-resistant threading that stops condensation, soaked insulation, and water around pipes. Vapor barriers also help limit the amount of radon gas that can get inside a building. Call us at 210-267-8828 to get vapor barriers today!

Up Close of Cracked Concrete Texture

Cracked Concrete Repair Service

Fixing cracked concrete helps avoid injury and inconvenience. When concrete shifts, it can crack and hurt the appearance of a home, office, or other types of building. Cracked concrete repair service in San Antonio and Austin, TX helps maintain property values. It also avoids injury, keeps driveways safe, and stops further water damage.

Concrete Sealing

Concrete sealing helps protect concrete slabs from erosion. Gaps and cracks in concrete need to be sealed to stop insects, water, roots, and other items from getting inside. Sealing extends the lifespan of concrete slabs and prevents more expensive concrete repair services down the road.

Other Services

This is just a sampling of the concrete repair service in San Antonio and Austin, TX provided by Foundation Support Specialists. Our trained technicians are capable of addressing any problems related to foundation support and repair. We can work with you to find solutions to any of your foundation, concrete, or crawl space needs. Along with letting our skilled professionals help you, we ensure quality service by using materials sourced from leading manufacturers like Earth Contact Products. We’re happy to speak with you on the phone at 210-267-8828. We can also schedule a technician to come to your property to perform a full-point inspection to assess the condition of your foundation and cement slabs.