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Concrete Lifting with Poly Pro X

FSS Offers Concrete Lifting in San Antonio, Austin and the Surrounding Areas

When concrete settles, cracks and tripping hazards begin to appear as once-level surfaces become uneven and potentially hazardous. Most of the time, sinking and cracked concrete is caused by changing soil conditions below, but Foundation Support Specialists has a long-lasting solution for you. From pool decks to basketball courts, our concrete lifting team in San Antonio can help restore your concrete back to good condition typically in a matter of hours.

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Why Does Concrete Become Uneven?

Weather and the elements play a huge role in why concrete begins to sink and become uneven. 

As most Texas homeowners know, drought is a big deal in the Lone Star state. For most of the year, we stay dry with very little rain, our yards turn brown and visible cracks in the ground start to appear. When this happens, the soil underneath and around your home dries up and begins to shrink due to the lack of moisture. Combined with the weight of your sidewalks or driveway, these concrete slabs will slowly start to sink and produce uneven and cracked concrete.

Inevitably, the rain comes again and the soil soaks it up. Similar to a sponge, the ground will start to expand and swell with the additional moisture. This then causes these same concrete slabs to heave and raise back up, possibly higher than it was originally.

With our Poly Pro X services in the San Antonio area, changing weather conditions are no longer an issue!

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Poly Pro X; The Solution for Sinking Concrete

How it Works

Our process to stabilize concrete begins with a trained and experienced technician drilling 3/8” holes into the concrete. These holes are no bigger than the size of your thumb and allows us to pump a special polyurethane foam underneath, yet on top of the soil. As the foam is exposed to the air, it immediately starts to expand and harden filling the voids that the eroded soil left behind. Within minutes, you will be able to see the concrete slab lifting before your eyes!

Using other specialized equipment, FSS technicians are able to control the flow of foam to ensure we aren’t over-lifting the concrete or creating other issues. And that’s it! Usually in less than an hour, the concrete is weight-bearing again and ready to use. 

Once your concrete is re-stabilized, for added protection, our technicians can seal any cracks or joints to ensure moisture stays out from underneath your driveway, sidewalk and more for good.


In years past, the options for how to repair concrete was limited. There were cosmetic approaches, archaic lifting methods, or replacement options. Read more below about Poly Pro X and how it compares to these alternatives.

There are many advantages to choosing Foundation Support Specialists and our Poly Pro X concrete lifting services in San Antonio. 

  1. Quick drying time; weight-bearing in less than an hour
  2. Non-invasive
  3. More cost-effective than alternatives
  4. Eco-friendly and waterproof

Poly Pro X vs Alternatives

As mentioned above, there have been many methods created to lift and stabilize sinking concrete like sidewalks, driveways, pool decks and patios. Keep reading to see how the alternatives compare to Poly Pro X:


  • Drilled holes are typically 1-3 inches in diameter compared to 3/8” for Poly Pro X.
  • Materials: the mixture pumped under the concrete consists of a mud/concrete slurry that is incredibly messy, and quickly disintegrates putting you back to square one.

Concrete Replacement

  • Invasive
  • Expensive
  • Takes days to cure
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Why Choose FSS

Home and business owners in and around San Antonio and Austin continue to choose Foundation Support Specialists for their concrete concerns. Our customer service is second-to-none and our work is of the highest quality! In addition, customers choose FSS because:

  • We use products made in the USA.
  • We are a locally owned family business.
  • Our team members have over 20 years of experience in the business.
  • We offer flexible, affordable financing options if necessary.

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