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Wind Turbine Foundation Repair

Keep the Foundation Sound for Wind Turbines in San Antonio & Austin, TX

Wind turbines generate clean, sustainable energy to homes and businesses in our area. However, the initial investment in this green technology is fairly substantial. Keep your large investment protected by ensuring the foundation upon which these massive structures stand is solid with the help of Foundation Support Specialists.

FSS is incredibly proud to be completing a project for the Acciona Wind Farm in south Texas. We installed 148 hot-dipped galvanized steel piers to re-elevate 37 concrete slabs holding the wind turbine's power unit. This project took 6 weeks to complete and we're very proud of the crew’s impeccable work. It was an honor to be trusted to get these repairs done and get them done right the first time!

The foundation underneath a wind turbine can present some challenges exclusive to this type of unique structure:

  • Wind turbines are large, complex structures with equally complex moving parts, expected to last their investors a long time.
  • If the moving parts of a wind tower are not functioning properly, valuable energy is not being generated and the investment is null. 
  • Wind turbines are exposed to high winds, rain, direct sunlight and erosion. On top of this, they are constantly in motion, adding to the stress underneath. 
To learn more about our services, contact Foundation Support Specialists today! Our knowledgeable team is ready to assist you.

The Importance of Wind Turbine Repairs & Maintenance

The experts at Foundation Support Specialists have worked for years with wind turbines and their repair. We understand the importance of a solid foundation to the turbine’s owners and investors, which is why we provide the highest quality repair services using the highest quality materials. Our team can rapidly and effectively solidify a wind turbine’s foundation, ensuring it is fully operational again. 

We also know the importance of regular maintenance in order to prepare for the elements attacking the foundation. Our team will conduct routine inspections to make sure that a small crack does not turn into a large and costly repair down the line. 

Lasting Foundation Solutions

The expert team of technicians at Foundation Support Specialists has worked with many wind turbine foundations over the years. We are ready with the necessary tools and equipment to respond quickly to any concern with the foundation of these exceptional structures. 


Commercial operations continue to turn to FSS for our:

  • Thorough, detailed inspections and workmanship.
  • Guarantees on services offered.
  • Commitment to a job well done with follow-up visits and inspections.
  • Use of American made products.

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