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Solar Panel Foundation Repair

Foundation Repair on Solar Panels in the San Antonio & Austin Areas

Solar panel foundation problems can be a big headache. Accurate positioning is crucial when it comes to how well a panel performs, and even tiny changes in the ground below can affect the solar panel’s ability to collect sunlight and energy. When a panel cannot collect energy, your solar investment ends up being pretty useless.

If the ground beneath your solar panel has shifted and now the foundation is at risk, the time to take action is now. Ensure your solar panel’s foundation is repaired the right way the first time by calling on the experts at Foundation Support Specialists.

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Proven Foundation Solutions for Solar Panels

Residents depend on solar panels to provide them with clean, sustainable energy. They have invested in this technology and when the panels won’t function properly because of foundation problems, the operators lose money while the customers and facilities lose valuable energy that they rely upon. With such an important structure, you don’t want to trust their foundation repair with just anyone.

Solar panel foundations have certain factors that make them unique from buildings or other structures:

  • The foundations around the panels are subject to direct sunlight, potentially developing cracks that could cause problems down the line.
  • Most solar panels are placed in large fields or on top of roofs with no protection from rainwater. With lots of water comes the risk of the concrete eroding or water penetrating the exterior. 

With Foundation Support Specialists, we guarantee that the foundation repair we do for your solar panel will be a lasting solution. Our trained technicians have worked with solar panel foundations for years and have the knowledge and experience to get yours solid and stable quickly. From small issues to large repairs, we handle it all. 

To learn more about our services, contact Foundation Support Specialists today! Our knowledgeable team is ready to assist you.

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The businesses in San Antonio and Austin have relied on the expertise of Foundation Support Specialists for years. Our technicians will inspect and analyze the condition of the panel’s foundation before consulting with you on next steps. We use high-quality tools and materials that will ensure the stability and function of the solar panel for years to come. 

To learn more or to schedule a consultation, connect with us now at (210) 941-3811 or (512) 971-2011!