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Light Pole Foundation Repair Service

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Light poles are something we may not think about too often. However, they provide an essential service by keeping our communities and roadways well lit. If these structures have foundation issues, not only is their important function halted, they could become unstable and dangerous. To protect your community’s investment, call the professional team at Foundation Support Specialists for light pole foundation repair services.

Light Pole By Bench

The foundation around a light pole is unique in a number of ways:

  • There is a large amount of wiring installed underneath the structure in order to power the light pole. 
  • Light poles are typically in tightly packed locations, such as a busy street corner. 
  • Not only are light poles continually exposed to the elements, they can be impacted by auto accidents and other hazards.   
To learn more about our services, contact Foundation Support Specialists today! Our knowledgeable team is ready to assist you.

Precise Techniques for Light Pole Correction

Our expert team understands the particulars of light pole service work and will tackle the job with precision and knowledge. We will expertly install or repair the helical piers supporting the light pole, ensuring its functionality and stability. Or, if the pole does not use helical piers, our team will work to provide the right solution to the problem. 

Our technicians work with minimal excavation to keep foot and vehicle traffic moving and leave minimal damage while fixing the pole’s foundation. We will work to seal cracks in the cement, preventing water from penetrating and doing damage from within. In addition, our work is done quickly so the light pole can function properly again with as little disruption as possible. 

For any type of light pole, from decorative to parking lot varieties, we have the foundation solution for you. 

Experts in All Things Foundation

Our team has worked with numerous light pole foundations in the past. We are ready with the necessary tools and equipment to respond quickly to your light pole foundation concern. 

Our commercial clients continue to turn to FSS for:

  • Our thorough, detailed inspections and workmanship.
  • The guarantees on service we offer.
  • Our commitment to a job well done with follow-up visits and inspections.
  • Our use of American made products.

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