Does Your Commercial Foundation Need Repair?

There are a number of factors that can cause a commercial foundation to need repairs. Commercial buildings receive a lot of foot traffic and can bear a large amount of weight. While the signs of damage aren’t always obvious, there are many that are. Here are signs that your commercial foundation needs repair:

Exterior Cracks

If your building is made of brick and you are noticing cracks in the mortar between the bricks, this is a good indication there is an issue with the foundation that needs to be examined and repaired. With brick, you may also notice the cracks form in a step type design. Other exterior signs you will notice if the foundation is damaged is a gap or separation there two walls meet. Any type of cracks and separations you notice on the outside of your commercial building should be looked into right away.

Interior Cracks

When there is foundation damage, you might notice interior cracks in the drywall of your commercial building. You will also notice cracks, and possibly separations, around the windows, door frames, and where two walls meet. Interior cracks can be due to normal wear and tear of a commercial building that gets a lot of foot traffic, but it’s better to have the issue checked out by a professional instead of assuming.

Uneven Floors

If the floors of your commercial building are uneven or slope, your foundation may need repairs. Over time, the foundation can shift causing the floor to do the same. Because the foundation will shift differently in different areas, you may begin notice a difference when you walk. Visual signs can include: cracked tiles, wooden floors that have warped or buckled, and linoleum that is coming loose. Flooring sits directly on top the foundation, so it’s a good indicator of when the foundation needs repair.

Plumbing Issues

Whether you use a lot of water in your commercial or not, it’s important to keep an eye on the plumbing of your building because it can be a sign of foundation trouble. If you notice your water bill has gone up, but your usage has not, this is a sign of plumbing issues. Clogged pipes and low water pressure can be related to foundation damage. A shifting foundation can put pressure on pipes causing them to crack or burst.

Other Signs of Commercial Foundation Damage:

If you notice the walls of your commercial building are leaning, this could be a sign the foundation is no longer supporting the building as it should. One part of the foundation may be shifting causing the building to also shift, which leaves the commercial building less stable. Doors and windows that stick when they didn’t before is also a sign of a foundation that needs repairs.

When you know the signs of commercial foundation damage, you will be able to spot them and have it examined and repaired right away. By doing this, you will avoid further damage and more expensive repairs.