5 Common Causes of Foundation Issues

Foundation issues are important to stop before they start. Once the damage has happened, it requires repair by a professional, which can be expensive. To protect your wallet and your foundation, it’s important to know what causes foundation issues and how to prevent them. Here are five common causes of foundation issues.

Drainage Problems

Inadequate foundation drainage will lead to issues. In fact, this is may be the leading cause of foundation issues. Constant moisture in soiled areas that are not well-drained will lead to uneven support. Excess moisture can also cause foundation cracks. Water that seeps in through these cracks may be visible on the ceiling and walls of your basement. To avoid this from occurring, you should equip the area around the foundation with proper drainage. Make sure the downspout of your gutters isn’t draining too close to your home. If it is, you can get extenders that will carry water farther away.

Inferior Construction

If the foundation of your home or building was not constructed well, this will lead to issues. Foundations that were constructed using inferior materials and skill are likely to become weaker and susceptible to other problems. In this case it’s crucial that you get in highly recommended professionals to correct the issue. While it might be an expensive job, it will be well worth it in the long run.

Seasonal Condition Changes

The soil underneath your home can be adversely affected by the alternating weather going from rainy to dry. This in turn will affect the stability of your foundation. If you’re in an area with expansive clay soils, this presents a problem as well. This type of soil absorbs a greater amount of water than other soils. Soil that collects too much water will expand and push against the foundation. The back and forth of the soil expanding and contracting will cause cracks in the foundation.

Slab Foundations

Homes that have slab foundations often have pipes running underneath the concrete slab. If these pipes leak, this can lead to crawl space moisture, standing water under the house, and cracks in the foundation. Other issues that are of concern when you have a slab foundation include: foundation upheaval and shifting piers. Foundation upheaval is when the foundation actually rises in areas. A sign this may be happening is when you notice your floors or counter tops are no longer level. Shifting piers is something that happens slowly over time and show in chimney damage, sticking doors, and bulging floors.

Plumbing Leaks

If the plumbing from your bathrooms and kitchen underneath your slab has leaks, this can cause foundation issues as the water will create excess moisture where is can do damage. This moisture can disturb the stability of the slab and create upheaval. A professional can conduct a plumbing leak test to determine if this is an issue.

Foundation issues aren’t something you want to leave until it’s too late. These issues can affect not only the foundation, but levels above it as well. If you’re noticing any signs of foundation issues, it’s a good idea to find out the cause and have it fixed.