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What is Exterior Waterproofing?

Exterior waterproofing is an important factor in keeping your basement and crawl space dry. It keeps water from entering the area and damaging those spaces as well as the foundation. Here’s what you should know about exterior waterproofing: The benefits of exterior waterproofing If you live in an area that is prone to storms, heavy…

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Proper Drainage Keeps Homes and Businesses Dry

water drains

Drain Away the Water If there is one constant in South Texas, it’s that the weather is going to change. The soil around your home will experience droughts, flooding, and high temperatures, sometimes in the same month! This fluctuation in soil consistency and temperatures will take its toll on your yard and home. However, with…

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Dry Basements & Crawl Spaces Make Healthy Homes

drainage systems

Breathe Easy With A Dry Basement Between 40-50% of the air you breathe in your home originates in your basement or crawl space. If your home has a water problem, mold and mildew can grow quickly. Mold spores will release into the air and cause a wide variety of health problems ranging from small problems…

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