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residential foundation repair

Repair Your Foundation Before Taking on These Other Home Improvement Projects

Since the foundation of your home is what everything else is built on top of, its condition is very important. Foundation problems can result in other problems throughout the house such as misaligned doors and windows, leaning and bowing walls, water seepage, and dampness and wetness that results in mold and mildew growth. That’s why…

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How Plumbing Leaks Cause Home Foundation Problems

Plumbing leaks are a common cause of home foundation problems. This is especially true here in Texas, where many foundations are concrete slab foundations. The plumbing lines run right below the concrete surface. Newer homes are more likely to be built with a moisture barrier that protects the concrete slab. But if a home was…

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Do I Have to Fix My House Foundation?

If you’ve noticed some problems with your house foundation, you might be wondering, “Do I have to fix it? What will happen if I don’t?” We get it. Nobody wants to deal with the hassle and expense of home repairs. However, ignoring house foundation problems isn’t a risk that you want to take. A whole…

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Financing Your Foundation Repair

Nobody wants to hear that they need to pay for foundation repairs. But unfortunately, foundation problems are one of the realities of owning a home, especially in South Texas. As your home ages and the soil beneath it expands and contracts, even the best built foundations become more prone to sink or crack. And while…

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Foundation Issues in Austin, TX

Austin, TX

  Austin is an interesting place for a foundation repair company. There is a variety of soil types depending on what part of Austin you are located. Each of those soil types impacts your foundation differently. Soil Types in Austin In the Austin area, one piece of property may have one kind of soil and…

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What Can Happen If Your Soil Is Too Dry

foundation repair

One of the most common weather events in our area of the country is long, hot, dry spells. The soil around your foundation can impact your home’s stability whether it’s too much moisture or not enough. When the soil around your foundation dries out, it can shrink. When it does this, it will act like…

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Stable Structures = Peace of Mind

Bandera, TX

Residential and Commercial Foundation Repair Your home and business are one of the few constants in life. You can always count on them to be there, but they are only as strong as their foundations. A weak or unstable foundation can cause problems throughout the whole structure, and, in a worst-case scenario, cause your home…

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