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foundation repair

Identifying and Fixing Water Damage on Your Foundation

Water damage to your foundation is most likely to occur if you experience a lot of rain and storms. Water is one of one of the most common offenders when it comes to foundation damage. Here’s how you can identify and fix water damage that has occurred on your foundation. Identifying Water Damage Some common…

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Get to Know These Cold Weather Foundation Problems

A foundation is important as it holds the weight of a home or building and keeps it upright. When it becomes damaged and weak, this can cause instability of the building it should be supporting. During the cold months, the foundation can experience changes, which can lead to problems that need to be taken care…

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5 Common Causes of Foundation Issues

Foundation issues are important to stop before they start. Once the damage has happened, it requires repair by a professional, which can be expensive. To protect your wallet and your foundation, it’s important to know what causes foundation issues and how to prevent them. Here are five common causes of foundation issues. Drainage Problems Inadequate…

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