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Prevent Soil Erosion to Protect Your Foundation

Soil erosion is incredibly common, and in order to protect your foundation you need to keep this in check. It occurs when the topsoil wears away when exposed to the elements, such as wind, excessive rainfall, and deforestation. Once the topsoil is worn away, it exposes the ground underneath. When the soil erosion occurs near…

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What Can Happen If Your Soil Is Too Dry

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One of the most common weather events in our area of the country is long, hot, dry spells. The soil around your foundation can impact your home’s stability whether it’s too much moisture or not enough. When the soil around your foundation dries out, it can shrink. When it does this, it will act like…

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Proper Drainage Keeps Homes and Businesses Dry

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Drain Away the Water If there is one constant in South Texas, it’s that the weather is going to change. The soil around your home will experience droughts, flooding, and high temperatures, sometimes in the same month! This fluctuation in soil consistency and temperatures will take its toll on your yard and home. However, with…

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