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Leaning or Bowing Walls

Have you noticed around your South Texas home that your walls are leaning or bowing? Leaning or bowing walls are a sign of foundation issues and are something that should be looked at by a professional right away. When it comes to your walls tilting like this, leaving the problem as is could cause further damage to your home such as cracks in the walls, leading to water seepage into your home. Contacting a professional foundation wall repair company will ensure that you have a lifelong solution that will keep your foundation secure and safe.

Causes of Leaning or Bowing Walls

In order to find a correct solution for your problem, the sole cause is needed to be determined. Leaning and bowing walls could be due to a number of reasons. The main reason for walls bowing or leaning is because of an excess amount of pressure pushing on the foundation walls. Where does this excess pressure come from? This occurs when the soil around your foundation has too much moisture, causing the soil to expand, therefore putting this pressure on the walls. When the walls lean and bow in from the pressure, it is likely that they begin to crack, causing water seepage and further damage to the structure. There is no DIY solution to leaning or bowing walls. Once they begin to lean, they will only worsen over time until they are properly repaired by a professional foundation wall repair company.

Solution for Leaning or Bowing Walls

When it comes to fixing the problem of leaning or bowing walls, Foundation Support Specialists offers many lifelong solutions that will ensure that your foundation is not a danger risk anymore. Some of these solutions include wall anchors, helical piers, and steel push piers. Foundation Support Specialists uses top-quality, 100% American made products only. If you have noticed that your walls are beginning to lean or bow, or have been for a while now, give us a call today for a free estimate at 210-702-3201. No more having to search for that hard-working, reliable foundation repair company, Foundation Support Specialists is that for you!