Foundation Repair in Maxwell, TX

Moisture That Has Damaged Foundation.

Repairs You Are Able to Rely On

The foundation of homes and businesses are very important. In order to support the walls, hold up a house or building, and also protect your property and keep moisture out, you require a sturdy foundation. Expandable soils and moisture content, however, can develop problems for a house or business foundations that include windows that stick, separation of cabinets from the wall, upheaval of the foundation, and sagging floors. In situations where your foundation is harmed, you will have to call somebody for foundation repair. If you are requiring foundation repair in Maxwell, TX, just contact the professionals at Foundation Support Specialists. We customize foundation repair services that are able to fit your particular foundation problem. Call our company at 210-267-8828 to set up an appointment for foundation repairs and concrete slab repair.

Solutions We Utilize to Fix Foundations

Based on the city you reside in and the shape of the soil will determine what kind of foundation repair you will need. Due to our knowledge and skills, our contractors use a range of repair solutions to fix damaged foundations. To find out which repair method that will fit a specific problem, our contractors have to take a look at your foundation. You can believe that when you choose us for your foundation repair service in Maxwell, TX, you are hiring contractors who know what they are doing. If our specialists have to utilize Poly Pro X or push piers, know that the techniques we use are done with precision and care. You can get in touch with our specialists and ask them more regarding foundation repair service and concrete slab repair solutions by contacting our office.

  • Helical Piers When you are having soil problems and your foundation is being harmed our contractors can use helical piers to resolve the problem.
  • Light Pole Our specialists have the knowledge to repair damages to the foundation that are affecting parking lot and street light poles.
  • Poly Pro X With the help of Poly Pro X, our contractors can fix foundations that are uneven.
  • Push Piers When your house or business has foundation problems because of unstable soil, we can use push piers to solve the problem.

Other Services That We Offer

If you are looking for services other than foundation repair, you are in luck! Our extra services tend to concentrate on exterior and interior foundation waterproofing, vapor barriers, concrete, cracked walls, and crawlspaces. When it has to do with foundation repairs, concrete slab repair service, and other services that are able to protect your home or building, Foundation Support Specialists are the professionals that you can always depend on. Call 210-267-8828 if you need foundation repair in Maxwell, TX for your house or business. Our team is ready to repair any foundation issues that you may have.