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Foundation Repair in Pflugerville TX

If you are looking for foundation services, contact your local foundation repair experts at Foundation Support Specialists! We offer foundation repairs to homes and businesses in Pflugerville, TX and the surrounding areas.


How much does it cost to repair foundation settlement near Pflugerville?

There is no average price for a foundation repair. Projects can range from around $5,000-50,000 and increase from there. Every house, even if they are the same size, can require a different amount of work.

Settlement and cracking in your foundation might cause serious structural issues in your house. Many of these problems may be fixed without taking everything up and starting over. It can be a pricey task, but the more you know about different types of foundations, typical problems, and how to correct them, the better you'll be able to work with your contractor to find a cost-effective solution.

How do you know if you have foundation problems?

Here are a few of the more relevant signs of foundation problems:  

Cracks on the Exterior- Fine, little fractures in the external walls or on the steps are typically unproblematic. Large outside fissures with a zig-zag pattern might indicate that something is amiss with the foundation. Check for cracks in the brickwork or bricks protruding from the wall.

Sheetrock Cracks- When zig-zagging internal sheetrock fractures reach almost the height of the wall, the homeowner should suspect a problem. If the wallpaper is pulling away from the wall or if there are fractures at the wall-to-ceiling junction, they should hire a contractor.

Bouncing Floors / Rotten Wood- This can indicate a variety of problems other than foundation issues. The flooring should be examined by a specialist if they feel like trampolines.

Does FSS offer finance for foundation repair services?

Yes, we do! Foundation Support Specialists is pleased to work with GreenSky and Foundation Finance to assist you with foundation repairs and other expenses. Our clients can choose from a variety of payment options. The Foundation Finance Company offers straightforward and flexible payment options for foundation repairs to your house. GreenSky provides a variety of financing alternatives to guarantee that you and your family may find one that works for you.

Foundation Repair Company in Pflugerville TX

Foundation Support Specialists also provides crawl space encapsulation, waterproofing and concrete lifting services in Pflugerville, TX. Read our reviews below to find out why your neighbors trust us for their foundation needs!

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