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Waterproofing Company in Austin

Water damage is one of the worst kinds of damage a home can endure. Moisture can lead to pervasive structural and health issues that only get worse with time. Worst of all, water damage can creep in for months before you might notice it.

Before long, you might be dealing with mold, wood rot, and all manner of pests trying to move in. This infestation can lead to health hazards and a loss of property value.

Don’t let water damage do this to your home. Instead, call Foundation Support Specialists, Austin’s most reliable waterproofing company. We have the team, the expertise, and the waterproofing solutions to keep your home dry year-round.

Interior Waterproofing Solutions

When working with Foundation Support Specialists, you can expect a thorough inspection to determine the cause of the moisture damage. Whether it’s from a leaking pipe, poor drainage, or excessive groundwater, we’ll find the cause.

Then, we will seal any gaps with caulking or polyurethane fillers to lock out moisture. We’ll follow up with a waterproof coating applied to all floors, walls, and ceilings to maximize protection.

If there is standing water, or if your crawl space is prone to pooling, we can install drainage systems that will prevent water from collecting. With a vapor barrier and dehumidifier, we can effectively control moisture levels in below-grade spaces.

10 Vapor Barrier Installation
Waterpooling Spout

Exterior Waterproofing Solutions

Most groundwater problems outside the home come from ineffective drainage systems. A broken or damaged downspout can lead to water draining directly into the soil around the perimeter of your home.

To prevent this, we use a variety of different drainage system extensions for properties in and around Austin, including French drains, to send water away from the home. By ensuring water is deposited far away from the house, you won’t have to worry about it finding cracks in the foundation or flooding your basement. If water has found its way into your basement or foundation, call Austin’s top waterproofing company today!