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Concrete Slab Foundation Repair

If a property has an excellent foundation, it can last years. However, outside factors can sometimes affect the quality of the foundation, causing other damage to the structure. That is why our company offers professional repairs for concrete slab foundations in the Austin area for residential or commercial buildings.

When Should You Repair A Concrete Slab?

We know that every structure is different and needs a unique approach to repairs. If you notice any cracks in the concrete slab or the drywall, it’s a sign that a repair is required. Many factors can affect the quality of the foundation, such as:

  • Expanded clay in the soil — This expansion shifts the ground and can create cracks.
  • Tree roots — As tree roots grow, they can move further into the foundation.
  • Excessive weight — This can affect many things. If the structure is too heavy for the foundation, the foundation will crack.
  • Poor construction — If the foundation has poor structure, the building may shift, causing cracking and other damage to the slab.

These are just a few factors that create a need for concrete slab foundation repairs. Our Austin team is qualified to handle various maintenance on several types of foundations.


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We Make Residential and Commercial Repairs

Our team has you covered when making concrete slab foundation repairs for your Austin home or business here in Austin, Texas. We use top-quality equipment to reach several areas underneath the foundation for repairs.

To learn more about our services, contact Foundation Support Specialists today! Our knowledgeable team is ready to assist you.
How Long Do Slab Foundations Last?

If slabs have correct installations, they will last approximately 100 years or more. It’s good to schedule regular inspections for your slab to ensure it’s free from damage.

Does Every Crack Need A Repair?

Not every crack in the slab is a bad thing. Some cracks happen simply because of natural shifting in the earth. However, call us right away if you notice a plumbing issue or water leakage.

Contact Us For Slab Repair

If you suspect an issue with your slab or need an inspection, call Foundation Support Specialists today. We will do a complete review of your Austin area residential or commercial property and make concrete slab foundation repairs or any other necessary repairs. We look forward to working with you.


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