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Do You Need Foundation Repair?

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House Foundation Repair in Austin

Is your foundation cracked, bowing, or otherwise damaged? Don’t hesitate to get it fixed! Foundation problems only get worse over time, and the worse it gets, the more it will reduce the value of your home. Call our house foundation repair experts in Austin today so we can help!

What Causes Foundation Damage?

Your foundation sits in a hole in the soil that was dug out to start the construction of your home. Once your foundation was built, it was packed in with fill soil. Now, it’s surrounded by that soil and subject to the force it exerts at all times.

Even though it might not look like it, the soil that surrounds a home is constantly moving, shifting, expanding, and contracting. Our Austin foundation leveling and crack repair experts are trained to spot signs of these forces on your property.

If that soil fills with water from a broken downspout, plumbing leak, or heavy rainfall, it can expand dramatically. When this happens, the pressure on your foundation walls builds to the point where it can warp and crack your foundation. Cold weather can freeze the moisture in the soil, forcing it to expand in the same way.

Foundation walls are only built to support vertical weights, like your home. Because these outside pressures are lateral, your foundation can’t hold back the force of the soil pushing inward.

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Do I Need Foundation Repairs?

You’ll know when you need foundation repairs. The signs and symptoms are very noticeable. Your foundation walls may tilt inward at the top and bow or bulge. Cracks will form along concrete walls, especially at doorways and window frames. You might notice stair-step-shaped cracks along the interior or exterior walls, as well.

When foundation walls are damaged, your basement is vulnerable to significant leaks and flooding. If left alone long enough, foundation walls can collapse inward entirely. This collapse will significantly impact the structural integrity of your home. For friendly and reliable house foundation repair in Austin, contact Foundation Support Specialists!