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Concrete Lifting and Leveling in Austin

Over time, it’s common for concrete to crack, sink, settle, and otherwise become uneven. Not only does this affect the appearance of your concrete slabs, but it can also create dangerous tripping hazards.

In the past, the only choice available to you might have been to replace your concrete entirely. Now, you don’t have to waste all that money. With Foundation Support Specialists in Austin, concrete lifting and leveling is a breeze, whether it’s a driveway, patio, or other slab. Your concrete can be restored to its original, level position in a matter of minutes. That’s because our team in Austin uses PolyRenewal™ slab raising, a relatively new method for concrete leveling that uses a special polyurethane foam to fill gaps underneath a slab and push it up.

What Causes Concrete to Become Uneven?

The soil beneath your concrete slab is to blame for your concrete issues. Soil can shift, settle, and erode under your concrete. When this happens, voids or empty spaces are left behind. With nothing to support your concrete, it begins to sink. Eventually, it will crack and break to fill the pockets of empty space.


What We Can Do

Foundation Support Specialists in Austin offers concrete lifting and leveling services for your driveway, sidewalk, pathways, concrete floors, and more. To restore your concrete slabs to their original level position, we use PolyRenewal™.

PolyRenewal™ is a special polyurethane foam that we can inject underneath your concrete. This foam rapidly expands, filling any voids under your concrete and lifting your concrete until its level.

To do this, we drill small, ⅜” holes into your concrete and inject the polyurethane foam through the holes. No large equipment is necessary, so we can lift concrete even in the tightest spaces. Once we re-stabilize your concrete, our technicians will fill the holes we drill, as well as seal any cracks or joints to lock out moisture.

PolyRenewal™ dries quickly, making your concrete ready to bear weight in less than an hour. Better yet, the polyurethane foam is eco-friendly and waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about hurting the environment.

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