Advantages of a Crawl Space Foundation

There a variety of foundations to consider for your Texas home and each of these has its own pros and cons. Crawl Space foundations are one of the choices that you can make when deciding on the type of foundation for your home will have. Here’s more information:

Crawl Space Foundations Are Less Expensive

Compared to a basement, a crawl space foundation will cost you less. There is usually only a small amount of excavation needed as the house is already supported off the ground. A smaller amount of concrete will be needed also. If you’re looking for a cost-efficient foundation, a crawl space foundation is a good choice. Because they need shorter walls and less excavation, the creation of a crawl space foundation will be less disruptive.

Access to Home’s Utilities is Easier

With a crawl space foundation, the wiring, piping, HVAC, and duct work will be in a more accessible place. When repairs and upgrades are needed, they won’t be difficult to get to. With a slab foundation, for example, these repairs may be less accessible and more expensive. Easy access means less disruption to your life as well. The work can be done quicker, which allows you to get back to your regular routine as soon as possible. An added feature to the crawl space foundation is its ability to serve as a storage space.

Protects the Home from Moisture Damage

One of the greatest advantages of the crawl space foundation is that it protects your home from moisture damage. Having your home supported at least two feet off the ground is especially important if you live in a flood-prone area or area that gets frequent rain. If any water should accumulate around your home, the crawl space foundation will protect your home from water related damage. It’s important to have a crawl space foundation encapsulated to protect against termites, other insects, and moisture.

The First Floor Will Be Warmer

A home build over a crawl space foundation will be warmer than one built over a slab foundation. Thanks to the insulated crawl space, the first floor of your home won’t feel like it’s built over concrete. If you have a crawl space foundation and it’s not insulated, having it insulted will give you a warmer home, especially first floor. A sealed crawl space foundation will save you energy.

Great for Sloped Lots and Earthquake Zones

If a home is built on a sloped lot, a crawl space foundation will be the best choice as gradual footings will be used to even things out. Having a crawl space foundation is also a good choice if you live in an area prone to earthquakes. In the event of an earthquake a concrete foundation can be permanently damaged and having to deal with that on a regular basis will be frustrating and expensive.

Crawl space foundations have their advantages, so if you’re looking at homes that have them or are considered one for your current home, it’s not a bad choice. Consider where you live and what you need from your foundation to see if it’s right for you.